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Accelerating Circularity in Chemicals Manufacturing

Accelerating Circularity in Chemicals Manufacturing

Join us for this interesting workshop to explore the opportunities and risks in upscaling circularity model in the chemical industry.

Chemicals bring about benefits upon which modern society is entirely dependent, but meanwhile the chemical industry is among the world’s large consumption of fossil fuel. Despite the strong desire from the chemical sector to improve the circularity of its processes, existing initiatives have been mostly based on specific/isolated product lines, with limited scope for wider application.

What to expect?

In this one-day workshop, we aim to bring researchers, industry leaders and policy makers together to reflect on the barriers and difficulties in the development of chemical circularity, as well as identify opportunities for upscaling and new business scenarios.

A full event programme is available below.

Event Agenda and travel info

Please register your interest for in person or remote attendance by emailing


Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Campus

Edinburgh Business School


EH14 4AS



15th November 2022


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