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Our team

Prof Jin Xuan profile photo

Prof Jin Xuan

PI and Director of the Centre

Loughborough University

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I graduated with a PhD degree from The University of Hong Kong in 2012, with the research topic in electrochemical engineering. My academic career in the UK started in 2014, when I took up a Lectureship in the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Heriot-Watt University. I was appointed as the Associate Director of the Research Centre for Carbon Solutions (RCCS) at Heriot-Watt in 2017. I joined Loughborough University in 2018 as a Senior Lecturer, was promoted to Professor/Personal Chair in Low Carbon Processes in 2019 and became the Head of Department of Chemical Engineering in 2020. My current… [Read more]


Telephone: 01509 227186


Prof Benoit Chachuat profile photo

Prof Benoit Chachuat

Theme 2 Lead and Project Co-I

Imperial College London

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The overall goal of our research is to develop safe, economically and environmentally sustainable chemical and biological processes through the synergistic use of advanced computational modelling and optimisation methods and process data. Our vision of process systems engineering has a strong focus on rigorous computation to predict the performance at scale of both existing and novel technology and empower decision-making, and we work in close collaboration with experimentalists. We furthermore develop software tools that implement these methods to ensure their dissemination ( [Read more]

Prof Alex Cowan profile photo

Prof Alex Cowan

Theme 1 Lead and Project Co-I

University of Liverpool

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I lead a research team that develops and studies catalysts for the sustainable production of fuels. Recent work has focused on the chemistry of carbon dioxide utilisation with programmes exploring how solar energy can be used to drive the production of useful fuels from only carbon dioxide and water. I completed my PhD in Chemistry at the University of Nottingham (2007) on the study of inorganic reaction mechanisms with transient spectroscopy and postdoctoral positions at Nottingham developing catalysts for the reduction of carbon dioxide and Imperial College London to study photoelectrochemical water splitting. I was appointed to a Lectureship in… [Read more]

Shadine Duquemin profile photo

Shadine Duquemin

Centre Administrator

Loughborough University

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I joined the Centre in 2021 as Centre Administrator. I have worked within a Higher Education setting since 2017 and had previously worked as a Student Support Administrator at Loughborough University. I assist in the day-to-day operational aspects of the Centre, liaising with the project team to co-ordinate research and outreach events. [Read more]


Telephone: 01509 227337

Dr Elizabeth (Libby) Gibson profile photo

Dr Elizabeth (Libby) Gibson

Engagement Lead and Project Co-I

Newcastle University

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I joined Newcastle University as a Lecturer in Physical Chemistry in 2014 and was promoted to Reader in Energy Materials in 2018. Prior to this I held a University of Nottingham Anne McLaren Research Fellowship and a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellowship. Research in my group focuses on solar cell and solar fuel devices that function at a molecular level and challenge the conventional solid-state photovoltaic technologies. My current ERC-funded project focuses on developing transparent p-type semiconductors for tandem solar cells and artificial photosynthesis. Molecular and semiconductor synthesis, device assembly and characterization are combined with fundamental studies on the… [Read more]

Smita Jenna profile photo

Smita Jenna

Centre Manager

Loughborough University

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I joined the Centre in 2021 as Manager. I have been part of the Higher Education Environment since 2012 and until recently was Operations Manager for the School of Business at University of Leicester. I am responsible for the day-to-day operational aspects of the Centre and work closely with the project team to co-ordinate, monitor and facilitate the research and outreach activities. I am supporting the team to establish a project framework, reporting and communication strategy in this national multi-partner project. I also work with the Centre’s wider academic team to identify and develop new opportunities and provide support for… [Read more]

Dr Mengfei Jiang profile photo

Dr Mengfei Jiang

EDI Lead

Heriot-Watt University

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Mengfei is a PDRA at the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University. As a member of the UKRI National Interdisciplinary Centre for Circular Chemical Economy, her research focuses on policy, society and finance for a UK circular chemical economy. Mengfei holds a BSc in Management Information System and an MSc in Finance and Investment Management. After obtaining her PhD in Carbon Finance from the University of Edinburgh, she worked as a Research Fellow for the BHP CCS in the Iron and Steel Sector in China project. She also contributed to several research projects, including the Carbon Emission Modelling of Energy Systems… [Read more]

Dr Alberto Roldan profile photo

Dr Alberto Roldan

Early Career Research Lead and Project Co-I

Cardiff University

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In 2010 the physical-chemistry department at the University Rovira i Virgili awarded me with a PhD which received the recognition of the Best Thesis in Computational Chemistry in 2011. I moved to University College London as the computational lead in EPSRC funded programmes investigating carbon dioxide reduction catalysed by iron sulfides and oxide surfaces in direct collaboration with experimental groups. This successful research activity was recognised in 2012 when I was awarded the Ramsay Memorial Fellowship Trust allowing me to develop further in the field of materials and catalytic chemistry. I was appointed a University Research Fellow (URF) in 2015,… [Read more]

Prof Peter Styring profile photo

Prof Peter Styring

Policy Lead and Project Co-I

University of Sheffield

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Peter is a Fellow of both the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institution of Chemical Engineers and a Chartered Engineer. He is also a former Head of Department of Chemistry at Sheffield. Peter’s research considers a wholistic approach to the circular economy, drawing on catalysis, synthesis, reactor and process design as well as life cycle analysis (LCA) and techno-economic analysis (TEA) together with policy development and social justice. This covers waste management, carbon dioxide utilisation and air quality improvement. Peter is involved in a number of All Party Parliamentary Groups in Westminster and was a recipient of a Royal… [Read more]

Dr Jonathan Wagner profile photo

Dr Jonathan Wagner

Academic Programme Lead

Loughborough University

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I joined Loughborough as Lecturer in Chemical Engineering in 2018, with a background in thermochemical biomass conversion, catalytic bio-oil upgrading and algae process development and scale-up. My current research is focused on the production of sustainable chemicals and fuels from biomass and wastes, by combining and integrating biological, thermochemical and catalytic processes to develop optimal conversion pathways. [Read more]

Dr Bing Xu profile photo

Dr Bing Xu

Theme 3 Lead and Project Co-I

Heriot-Watt University

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I hold a MA(Hons) in Business Studies & Accounting and a PhD in Management both from the University of Edinburgh. I am an Associate Professor of Finance in the Edinburgh Business School at the Heriot-Watt University. My research focuses on banking and investment analytics by modelling the impact of uncertainty (e.g., macroeconomic and policy uncertainties, climate-risks) on banks’/firms’ performance, lending/investment and risk-taking behaviours. I am also interested in the design of multidimensional frameworks (e.g., DEA, multi-criteria decision-making analysis-based approaches) to evaluate energy strategies and prediction models. She also has works related to energy economics around modelling/forecasting oil prices, and studying the dynamic impact of energy market uncertainty on the economy. I am… [Read more]

Prof Eileen Yu profile photo

Prof Eileen Yu

Project Co-I

Loughborough University

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Eileen joined Loughborough in 2020 from Newcastle University and she holds a Chair of Electrochemical Engineering in the Department of Chemical Engineering. After obtaining her PhD from Newcastle University pioneering the development of direct methanol alkaline fuel cells, she worked as a research fellow at Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Germany, before returning to Newcastle University to take a prestigious EPSRC Research Fellowship (Life Science Interface). She has a wide range of experience and interests in various fields in electrochemical and bioelectrochemical systems for energy, carbon dioxide utilization, environmental and biomedical applications. [Read more]