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Creating and Capturing Value from CE

Creating and Capturing Value from CE

This event will look at the current state of art and key issues for measuring progress towards a UK CE and the economic, social and environmental benefits of doing so. Areas for discussion include priorities and strategies for:

  • How to measure CE at macro, sectoral/city and product scale, and their interactions
  • What modelling tools, techniques, metrics and indicators are available and can be used to measure success and steps for translating these into business growth and technological and sector innovation
  • Opportunities for creating employment, increasing resource productivity, reducing environmental impact and net zero

The agenda is structured to bring out latest thinking on:

  • macro tools such as MRIO and macro-economic tools to model CE material stocks and flows within international/national economy as a basis for scenario assessment, policy intervention and scale
  • Value chain modelling and visualisation to provide a picture of whole systems, actors, process and drivers anchored in economic activities for production and consumption for products and services at different scales and geographical scope
  • Product and service design indicators that conform to the guiding principles of CE
  • Social, environmental and inclusivity measures

The discussion is bringing together stakeholders from the NICER programme, policy, industry, and wider CE communities.




19th November 2021

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