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IACC2024 – Nature-inspired CO2 capture and conversion

IACC2024 – Nature-inspired CO2 capture and conversion

Join our Centre members on 9th April for the IACC2024 – Nature-inspired CO2 capture and conversion conference.

Dr Lei Xing from University of Surrey will be chairing the online event alongside Loughborough University’s Dr Jonathan Wagner and Professor Eileen Yu.

The nature-inspired route to CO2 capture and utilisation presents a promising avenue in the fight against global warming, leveraging the principles of biomimicry to mimic, accelerate, or enhance natural processes for sustainable solutions. These approaches draw inspiration from the Earth’s inherent mechanisms for balancing carbon, offering the potential for lower energy consumption, reduced environmental impact, and increased efficiency in capturing and repurposing CO2. Promising nature-inspired COcapture and utilisation approaches include enhanced weathering, mineralisation, biological CO2 conversion and photo-based CO2 utilisation etc.  These approaches serve as valuable complements to existing industrial DAC methods, offering promising prospects for further development. These nature-inspired strategies not only offer a path to significantly reduce atmospheric CO2 levels but also align with the principles of circular economy by utilizing captured carbon as a resource for creating valuable products, thereby contributing to a more sustainable and resilient future.

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9th April 2024

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