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Modelling the Circular Economy

Modelling the Circular Economy

In our latest webinar, Dr Alberto Roldan Martinez, senior lecturer of Computational Chemistry and Catalysis at the School of Chemistry at Cardiff University, will introduce multi-scale simulation techniques of importance to predict, validate and implement the various aspects of the Circular Economy of chemicals.

In a world pressured by increasing demands of energy and commodities, implementing a Circular Economy plays an essential role in developing a sustainable and competitive manufacturing industry and energy sector. Industrial hubs without waste are a requirement to achieve Net Zero commitments, and simulations provide essential information to succeed in their design and accelerate their implementation. Obtaining, curating and utilising digital data forms the core of the fourth industrial revolution as recognised at the highest inter-governmental levels. In this webinar, we will explore the different levels of simulation with a particular focus on data procurement.

Alberto Roldan’s research interest is understanding dynamic catalyst processes, especially those relevant to Sustainable Energy, Environment Remediation, and Circular Economy. His research is based on computer simulations at the nanoscale, linking materials’ composition and atomic structure to the properties and reactivity and their implementation in kinetic systems closing the gap between simulation and experiments for an intelligent design of materials and catalysts. He has authored over 100 publications.

The recording of this webinar is available to watch on our YouTube Channel.




24th October 2022


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