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Newtown Science Festival

Newtown Science Festival

The CircularChem team is excited to participate at the upcoming Newton Science Festival on 17th September.

While many won’t think about it, most of us will interact with the chemical industry on a daily basis e.g. when using cosmetics, anti-perspirants, cookware, shampoo & plastic bags. The problem is, the chemical sector is highly linear and relies on a “take-make-use-dispose” model, in which 80% of chemicals are derived from fossil resources making it the second-largest industrial emitter of carbon dioxide in the UK. Furthermore, the end chemical goods (e.g. plastics) often find their way into the environment after they have been used. We, at the UKRI Interdisciplinary Centre for Circular Chemical Economy, are focusing on converting the waste materials such as plastics, industrial waste gas, food waste, or any other type of waste into chemical monomers, thereby reducing the reliance on fossil sources and creating a circular chemical economy.

Join us for a fun and interactive experience at the Newton Science Festival.

Our stall will offer educational experiments for all ages and will explore the following:

  1. What are chemicals?  
  2. Where do they come from?
  3. Why are they important? 
  4. Fate, hazards & disposal of chemicals.
  5. Waste managements (Plastic and Bio wastes)

We hope to see you there, book your place using the link below.


Newton High School

Dolfor Road


SY16 1JE



17th September 2022


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