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Prospects for the Circular Chemical Economy Post- COP26

Prospects for the Circular Chemical Economy Post- COP26

We are excited to launch our seminar series where experts on policy, industry and academic will discuss pathways to circular economy.

Our first seminar will be ‘Prospects for the Circular Chemical Economy Post- COP26.’

The UK has ambitions to achieve Net Zero by 2050 in an attempt to mitigate against climate change. While emissions reduction is a key strategy within a portfolio of interventions. The move from a linear (extract-use-dispose) approach to the economy of things needs to move to a circular (reduce-recycle-reuse) economy that removes new fossil carbon from entering the supply chain. In this symposium, industry, academia and policy makers will discuss ways we can achieve this in the short-term to give the environment a chance to recover in the medium and long-term.

This will be an in person event hosted on 6th May by Prof Peter Styring from University of Sheffield with keynote speeches by Olivia Blake MP, Unilever VP Jon Hague, and Peter Styring, followed by a panel discussion.

The event will be held in Central Sheffield and will be followed by a short networking session.

Please using the booking link below to register.


Central Sheffield


6th May 2022


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