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The UK Plastics Pact CircularChem Workshop

The UK Plastics Pact CircularChem Workshop

During this workshop, we will provide an overview of our ongoing efforts in developing a system dynamics simulator to support decision-making processes related to circular chemical economy practices. We warmly invite your participation in these discussions, with the following key objectives:


1. Enhance our understanding of the components comprising the circular chemical economy system, delving into their interactions and main feedback loops.

2. Investigate the environmental, economic, and social factors, including the identification of tipping points crucial to the successful adoption, implementation, and diffusion of CircularChem policies.

3. Collect invaluable insights and feedback concerning the main input, intermediary and output system variables, and their effects on the overall system behaviour.

4. Facilitate the co-production of a policy decision-making support system dynamics tool.

Workshop Agenda




23rd November 2023


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