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Webinar: Engineering to Enable a Circular Chemical Economy

Webinar: Engineering to Enable a Circular Chemical Economy

The UKRI Interdisciplinary Centre for Circular Chemical Economy was established in January 2021 to kick start the timely transition of the UK’s £32bn chemical industry into a circular system as a part of our net zero future.

In this talk, Professor Xuan will outline the vision with a focus on the role of engineering in tackling the challenges in the development of the circular chemical economy and, discuss why we need a whole system approach and an interdisciplinary effort to address the challenge. Professor Xuan will also show how research-informed teaching approach is used to develop new module on circular economy for undergraduate chemical engineering students at Loughborough University.

This webinar is aimed at industry and academic (both research and teaching) interested in COP26, sustainability, net zero, circular economy and related topics in the chemical engineering community.


25th October 2021

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