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Spotlight Feature – Max Quayle

Spotlight Feature – Max Quayle

Doctoral Researcher

Cardiff University

I am a computational chemist in the Alberto Roldan Group at Cardiff University. My doctoral research focuses on the uses of computational modelling in green heterogeneous catalysis. I aim to provide experimentalists with a clearer understanding of the mechanistic chemistry behind biomass-based syntheses by analysing their associated transition states over a variety of catalysts.

Since joining the Centre in February, there have been several exciting developments in my scientific career. In July, my first paper was accepted for publication in ChemCatChem, which has since been selected as a cover feature for an upcoming issue. In August, the Centre generously funded my travel to the Czech Republic for EuropaCat 2023, a catalysis conference in which I presented my work on the selective hydrogenation of furfural derivatives. Later this month, I will be travelling with Dr Roldan to NCEPU in Beijing to advance our work on microkinetic modelling techniques for the oxygen reduction reaction.