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Dr Preetam Sharma

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University College London

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Preetam Sharma was a Research Associate at Loughborough University between June 2021 to Sept 2023. In CircularChem project under Professor Eileen Yu’s supervision, he developed nano-catalysts and electrochemical reactors for carbon dioxide utilisation. He is currently working as a research fellow on solar-driven electrochemical system for sustainable direct CO2 reduction in the Institute of Materials Discovery at the University College London. Specifically, he is developing electrocatalysts and scaling them up for the direct conversion of CO2 to methanol. The investigation of the electrocatalysts by advanced techniques including in-situ techniques is also of particular focus for him. He is also interested in developing electrochemical reactors and systems which can be operable at high current and high selectivity at industrially relevant operational lifetime. Preetam Sharma has several years’ experience in electrocatalysis, photoelectrochemistry and materials development for water splitting and CO2 reduction.