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Theme 3: Policy, Society and Finance

Infographic showing five elements displayed in a circle, moving from one to another. The elements are as follows: number one - public engagement, number two - finance, number three business industry, and finally number four - policy.

Our research theme aims to explore the non-technological challenges that hold back the transition to circular practices and deliver effective real-world solutions. We aim to understand how “becoming circular” impact the business models across chemical supply chains and whether the right capabilities are in place.  Besides, fresh insights will be provided on what drives financiers’ efforts to switch their strategies align to the circular chemical economy and provide guidance for businesses to de-risk their innovations and match their projects with suitable financing channels. Furthermore, it is important to gain an in-depth understanding of public knowledge, perception, attitudes, and willingness to pay towards sustainable products. Meanwhile, we will identify effective evidence-based policy instruments that can stimulate supply, demand, and investment in sustainable chemicals, moving from intention to action.

Current Research Focus:

We welcome collaborations from industry, governmental organisations and academia in the follow research areas:

Business model, corporate strategy, whole-system analysis, sustainable finance, corporate social responsibility, blockchains, social dynamics, consumer behaviour, performance evaluation, policy

Sectors: Chemical industry, financial sector, citizens, policymakers.

Team members