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Dr Katie Lamb profile photo

Dr Katie Lamb

Industrial Engagement Co-ordinator

University of Sheffield

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Katie is a Research Associate for the Chemical & Biological Engineering (CBE) Department at The University of Sheffield. Katie started her role in 2021 and is working with the Centre and the Styring group to develop evidence-based policies for the implementation of a circular economy in the chemicals manufacturing industries. Using her knowledge of carbon dioxide and green chemistry, Katie will focus on evaluating the performance of competing technology pathways and devise new evidence-based policy instruments to stimulate supply, demand and investment in sustainable chemicals. Katie has a strong background in chemistry, in particular green and carbon dioxide chemistry, completing… [Read more]

Qianqian Ma profile photo

Qianqian Ma

PhD Student

Heriot-Watt University

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I have started my PhD study at Heriot-Watt University in 2021. I have a background in green finance and actuarial science. For my PhD study, my research interests include the financial aspect of the circular economy, corporate social responsibility, and socially responsible investing. [Read more]

Preetam Sharma profile photo

Preetam Sharma

Outreach and Widening Participation Co-ordinator

Loughborough University

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Preetam is a Research Associate in the Department of Chemical Engineering with Professor E. Yu. His research activities involve the development of nanocatalysts and electrochemical reactors for carbon dioxide utilisation. In the CircularChem project, he is focusing on the electrochemical CO2 reduction for production of the chemicals and its scale-up potentials. He obtained a PhD in nanomaterials for solar fuels production from the School of Engineering, Ulster University, UK in 2017. Since completing his PhD, he has been working on a variety of academic and industrial projects focusing on advanced materials for energy, environment and health. [Read more]

Ajay Tomer profile photo

Ajay Tomer

Knowledge Exchange Forum Co-ordinator

University of Liverpool

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Ajay joined University of Liverpool in 2021 as a Research Associate in Prof. Rosseinsky’s research group. Currently his research focuses on developing advanced catalytic formulations to enable effective transformation of polymer waste to chemicals or fuels. He received his MSc in Organic Chemistry from University of Pune, India. After that Ajay worked with National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune, on the project entitled valorisation of biomass to chemicals under supercritical environment. Later he moved to University of Artois, France, and completed his PhD in Spécialité Molécules et Matière Condensée in 2017. His thesis work was focused on development of supported metallic… [Read more]